Bitcoin is one such currency that works on the digital platform and transferred electronically from one person to another. Bitcoins can be used for everyday transactions as long as the business accepts Bitcoins as its payment method. If you are possessing Bitcoins through free bitcoin mining and wanting it for everyday transactions, then you would be needing a Bitcoin debit or credit card.

  1. Credit cards of Bitcoins

Presently there are no bitcoin credit cards available but soon it will be there. Blockrize has started with the card in the year 2020 and all the cryptocurrencies are signing up with new holders for offering credit cards at mileage rates. The card can pay 1% cryptocurrency similar to like the 1% cashback.

Credit card purchases are only allowed in the US. If you want to pay using Bitcoin, then you can use your credit card by converting the Bitcoin to US dollars.

  1. Bitcoin debit cards

Bitcoin debit cards have been made available since June 2020. For using of free bitcoin mining coins, you need to have a virtual wallet through to connect debit and credit card. You can use these cards wherever network cards are accepted. For instance, if you have a Visa bitcoin Debit card, then you can use it anywhere debit and credit cards are accepted.

There might be fees with bitcoin cards as well which you have to pay. The values and prices of Bitcoins keep on fluctuating and it can change every single day. It is important to keep track of the value regarding Bitcoin.

But Bitcoin debit cards may be short-lived and many Bitcoin debit accounts may be closed. Whether you have a Bitcoin debit or credit card, use it with caution. It is a volatile asset so be safe from the scams.

Written by Jeffrey Hall