Manicure is part of grooming so it should be done on a regular basis. You can choose to make your manicure interesting and appealing through Colores semipermanentes. The semi-permanent manicure is a new trend and it is the ideal solution for women who do not have time to visit the beauty salon or spa every week.

How does it work?

For a more successful application, you should get your nails done at the salon. Essentially, the steps carried out during the traditional manicure still apply. This means the nail expert will cut, file and apply cuticle remover. The only difference is the type of base, polish, and gloss used, which will be dried within seconds under the UV light.

Why do you need to consider semi-permanent manicure?

Here are the reasons why you need to consider semi-permanent manicure:

  • Appearance: when you look at it closely, semi-permanent manicure makes the nails look brighter compared to the traditional polish. Many prefer this because it is versatile.
  • Duration: the main selling point of semi-permanent manicure is its duration. Gel polish can last for more than fifteen days. With this, it became the best alternative for women travelers who do not have time to visit the nail salon on a regular basis.
  • Resistance: its resistance can be attributed to the glaze. The glaze lasts for a very long time – typically two to three weeks or even longer. This will depend on the growth of your nails.
  • Drying: unlike traditional polish, semi-permanent manicure dries immediately. In the past, you stop any work just to ensure that the polish is completely dry otherwise you run the risk of destroying it. Semi-permanent manicure dries quickly allowing you to resume your work immediately. It dries quickly because it is put under a UV lamp.


Before you consider it, here are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • It is difficult to remove: you must know that it is more challenging to remove a semi-permanent polish, unlike the traditional polish. To remove the semi-permanent polish, the nail specialist needs passing the file on the nail to remove the shine then wrapping them with cotton moistened with specialized remover as well as aluminum paper.
  • It will depend on the type of nail: there is no doubt that semi-permanent polish is a great option for women but there are some who have weaker nails. If you have weaker nails, there is a tendency that the semi-permanent will tear off easily. There are other reports claiming that the semi-permanent made their nails very hard.

Final words

Semi-permanent manicure is relatively cheap so going to the salon on a regular basis won’t break your bank. However, with the right tools and instructions, you can do this at home. You just need semi-permanent polishes, UV lamp, special base, and topcoats.

Written by Jeffrey Hall