The semi-permanent manicure with gel polishes has considered the hands of women who do not have time to go each week to the hairdresser, beauty salon, or spa. This new drift is required for women and it is also one of the commonly requested manicures in the business because “It is identified by the prolonged span of polish that does not harm the natural nail does not weaken it either” and also because it is a cheaper way than acrylic nails.

Appearance. A semipermanentes color or manicure makes the nails look gorgeous than traditional polish. Furthermore, its color remains whole until the end, because in fact it is only removed when the nail has grown. In the same way, this type of manicure is very handy. It is possible to resort to different glazes such as the Glow it neon (which glow in the dark), the iron shine (consisting of a mixture of metallic tones), the temp colors (which reduce color with temperature), and others that produce effects such as the chameleon, and the mirror. Likewise, the way can be accompanied by digital decoration. Semipermanentes gives the best appearance a nail can ever have, and at the same time, it will every inch of the nails.

manicure with Semipermanentes gel

Duration and resistance. Up to more than fifteen days, a manicure with Semipermanentes gel polish can last. Because of this, it has become the best option for women travelers who do not have time to go to the beautician. It can save money and time as well. Save a lot of money as an individual don’t need to come in a salon over and over just to have fix fingernails. This kind of semipermanentes will give an individual to choose what color and enjoy the value of money to its fullest.

Drying. Its drying is fast. That is, unlike a regular manicure, which can be damaged in the process from the manicure chair to the exit door of the hairdresser, this manicure enables an individual to return work immediately because once it is put under the lights of the UV lamp, the nails come out dry. This thing can save every individuals time, to get an adjustment and choose another session as it will last more than expected. The drying method also is simple and fast as well, for a person to be able to do what he/she exactly have to do without worrying about the nails.


Taking care of nails is just like the body, for the reason that people should be aware of what they are putting in their nails. This is to protect the natural appearance of the nails and to avoid any kind of infection in the future. Every nail is precious and a person should let it grow in a natural way.

Written by Jeffrey Hall