Every parent loves to dress up their child with beautiful dresses and shoes and especially on any occasion. If many parents are confused when they start putting hard bottom shoes for babies. And also want to know are hard bottom shoes good for babies or not. Babies’ feet are very soft and you have to take care of them properly when they start learning to walk.

It is the best feeling to see your baby walking or standing for the first time. So the growth of the feet of the baby is also important. If you start putting on hard bottom shoes early then your baby may get rashes in your fingers. So you must have to clear about are hard bottom shoes good for babies or not.

  • Why wait?

If your baby is not walking then you have to put only soft shoes for your child. Make sure that the shoes should be very soft, gentle, and flexible with the feet of the baby. But if your baby starts walking then you must have to wait for few days until he starts walking or playing properly. You must have to give the proper time to your baby’s feet so that they will grow properly.

You have to wait until your baby is at least 15 months older. Because if your baby is small then his bones are very soft and hard bottom shoes can harm him. So you must have to use soft bottom shoes for your small child. But after 15 months the bones of your baby get harder and he needs something hard under his feet for support. While buying hard bottom shoes for your child make sure that they are a little loose on his feet. So that the feet get a proper area to grow and move. And it should not be very short or according to the feet size.

Written by Jeffrey Hall