used cars in sevierville

Besides buying a house, a car is the biggest purchases that many people will make. Whereas the factory warranty generally covers certain issues for the consumers who buy new vehicles, buying the pre-owned car will be a little dicey, particularly when you have to deal with the private seller.

Get car history report

The opinions might vary as value of the reports accessible from the companies like Carfax. But if the report indicates that car you will have purchased is lemon or was damaged, it is worth an investment. Suppose you are buying the used cars in sevierville area, many dealers offer customers the car history report without any charge. Suppose you are dealing with the private seller, then consider buying the car history report and learn everything possible about that car’s ownership record and major damage. Suppose you are planning to evaluate many used cars, then some cars providers offer discounts for the multiple reports.

Get pre-purchase check from the trusted mechanic

Whereas a car history report might reveal some important details about car’s past, but inspection by the trusted car repair technician will be the right way you will learn about your car’s present condition. So, have your car checked by someone you know and have worked in the past. Never put a lot of faith in the technician’s opinion if seller referred them. Getting the inspection may need making some arrangements with seller to get your car to that shop. You probably will have to provide seller the hold fee, however, consider this money well spent. Fee must be applied to cost of car and returned if sale does not materialize. Just ensure that you put your transaction in writing as well as have your seller sign an agreement.

Ask right questions

You may not consider yourself the car expert, but there’s a lot to learn from asking seller some relevant questions. There are some questions that you can consider like: How long they have owned a car? Are they original owners? Number of miles did they drive? What are the daily driving habits? Has the vehicle ever been in accidents and fender benders? Was this highway driving or across the town?


Most of the sellers know that buying the car is one big decision, so do not shy away in asking any questions that can give the answers that you want to make the confident buying decision.

Written by Jeffrey Hall