It is true that the future of nation is in the hands of youths, as they are the people who are not only the leaders of future but also partners of present. They play a crucial role in building the nation, as the changes that are made by them are more. Therefore, we can say that their contribution is an essential one for the development of any nation.

Since they are young and energetic and also their thoughts are fresh and new, they have the capability to welcome several changes in any field. One of such enthusiastic youths is vignesh sundaresan entrepreneur, software developer and Y Combinator Alumni. He used to design good projects in the field of blockchain technology.

Of course, his thoughts have created a revolution in the area of cryptocurrency and for that he was appreciated by more and more. As a result, a new technology BitAccess was developed by him, it is nothing but a Teller Machine, from which one can withdraw decentralized bitcoins instead of cash.

Like ATM, this machine is known as BTM (Bitcoin Teller Machine) and in this machine, one has to deposit the normal currency of the nation and for that the machine will offer equivalent bitcoins. That is they will be provided with crypto currencies in exchange of national currency of a specific country.

With his hard work and confidence level, Vignesh has become one of the youth icons. Everyone should take him as an inspiration and do something new in any field that is praised by all.

Written by Jeffrey Hall