The wonder drug:

          The skin colour is a very important aspect of beauty as can be seen from the different countries of the world. Where the general skin colour is on the darker side, the people want to have fairer skin tone while those where it is paler side; they want to achieve a darker shade or skin tone. Now the discussion is about those who want to achieve a darker skin tone. The latest medication that has become the talk of the beauty world is the melanotan 2 which is a very important drug now which can be used by anyone willing to use it but you must know the melanotan 2 mixing before you decide on doing so.

Available online:

          The medication is available online on the online shop dedicated to selling the same. The person willing to use it has to get the skin analysis done before it is administered. It has to be taken only after consultation with a physician. The missing proportions of the drug are given online and you can make use of the mixing chart or the mixing calculation as per the dosage prescribed for you. You need to only enter the dosage that you need and it will give you the quantity of distilled water that is required to mix the medication. It is a very simple calculation which the website does it for you.

melanotan ii dosage

Take note:

          The medication can be taken by any person men or women after a prescription and the principle of action of the medication is that it is basically a peptide which encourages or stimulates the production more melanin in the skin. This is achieved by injecting with the melanotan 2injections at the dosage of 0.3mg to begin with and if needed it can be increased. It all depends on the darkness that is desired.

          You need to know how to do the melanotan 2 mixing before you will be able to administer the drug on your own at home and it will be beneficial to know the proportions.

Written by Jeffrey Hall