Lotions and sunscreens are excellent for tan lovers. These tanning products give your skin a healthy and warm glow without compromising traditional tanning methods. Tanning products come in many forms, including airbrushes and spray solutions, as well as gel-based creams and tanning solutions that are quick and easy to apply.

How sunless tanning works

Most tanning solutions contain a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone or DHA, the colorless sugar approved by the FDA. When dead cells in the upper layers of the epidermis (upper layer of the skin) come into contact with DHA, the amino acids in these cells react with a foreign chemical in a process known as the Maillard reaction.

This Maillard reaction leads to a change in skin tone and a warm tone, very similar in appearance to natural tanning. Unlike previous tanning products, the current range of melanotan products do not contain dyes, paints or coloring pigments. Therefore, modern tanning products are absolutely safe to use without causing permanent skin changes. The effect usually disappears naturally within three to ten days.

Benefits of sunless tanning

There are several significant benefits of tanning products, which can be summarized as follows:


* Avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation: it is proven that prolonged exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation present in the sun is undoubtedly harmful to the skin. Excessive exposure to sunlight not only accelerates the natural skin aging process, but also significantly increases the risk of some life-threatening conditions, including skin cancer. With tanning, it is no longer necessary to expose your delicate skin to the strong rays of the sun. Some of the latest tanning products also contain sunscreens that provide an additional layer of UV protection.

* Natural and easy to use: the creams and suntan lotions currently available are extremely easy to use. A tan appears as soon as the cream is applied, and it is a warm and sunny bronze that looks exactly like a real tan. Tanning products are also waterproof and stain resistant, so you have little chance of spoiling your outfit. Sunless tanning products provide instant shine, ideal for those cases where you need to see yourself as quickly as possible.

* Cost-effective: tanning products are priced very low and are available in various sizes to meet any tanning needs. With these products you no longer need to rely on expensive tanning salons. Today, even previous salon treatments, such as airbrushes, are available in craft kits that allow you to sunbathe professionally for a small fraction of the cost of salon treatments.

Finally, in addition to tanning creams, lotions and sprays, there are several cosmetics and bath and body products that provide a temporary bronze skin tone. Unlike normal sunburn, these tanning powders, moisturizers and shower gels work only until the next shower or wash and are ideal for short-term tanning.

Written by Jeffrey Hall