Dental Veneers Treatment

The custom-made shells, wafer thin of tooth materials that are coloured and are created to cover the teeth front surface to enhance your look is called dental veneers. These are also known as dental porcelain laminated or porcelain veneers. These are joined to the teeth front surface which can alter their shape, length, size, and colour. They can be created from resin composite materials and porcelain. They resist the stains which are best than veneers that are resin made. The dental veneers are best to mimic the properties of light reflection of natural teeth. Search for carillas dentales barcelona for finding more information on dental veneers treatment.

The kind of issues fixed by dental veneers

They are used to fix the

  • Teeth which is worn down entirely.
  • Teeth which becomes discoloured due to fillings of large resin, excessive fluoride, stains from other drugs or tetracycline, or treatment of root canal.
  • Teeth which are not aligned, not even, or shaped irregularly,
  • Chipped or broken teeth.
  • Teeth having gaps among them

The procedure of dental veneer

When you get the treatment of dental veneer, it needs three trips to the doctor, one is to consult him or her, two is to create and apply the dental veneers. Many teeth or one tooth might undergo the procedure at the same time.

Dental Veneers Treatment

Planning of treatment and diagnosis:

You are going to tell the dentist about your outcome that you are trying to accomplish. During this appointment, your dentist will monitor your teeth to ensure which dental veneers are better for you. They are going to discuss the process and limits. They might take images and x-rays of your mouth and teeth.

Preparation of the dentist:

For preparing a tooth for dental veneer, your dentist will shape the tooth surface again which is equivalent to veneer thickness added to the surface of the tooth. You and your doctor make the decision whether they numb the location before they trim the enamel off. Then he or she is going to take pictures of your tooth. This is sent to the laboratory of a dentist which makes your dental veneer. This takes about weeks of 2-4 for the veneers to come back from the laboratory. The dental veneers which are temporary are utilized till you get actual ones.

Your dentist is going to put the dental veneers and observe whether the colour and fitting is right. They remove and trim the veneer to correct fit before it is adjusted with cement shade. The tooth is prepared to receive the veneer, it will be cleaned, then polished, and etched. A unique cement is placed on your tooth. When dental veneer is placed, your dentist shine onto it with a light beam to activate chemicals in cement to make it harden and tough. The last step is eliminating the extra cement. They check your bite and make the required adjustment. You are going to be asked by the doctor to return to them in a couple of weeks for checking your veneers placement and gums.

Written by Jeffrey Hall