It is true that many people are unaware of the side effects of long-term alcohol use, both for their health and overall lifestyle. In truth, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to complications such as liver and kidney problems, drug addiction, and weight gain. If you want to be a social drinker and never want to progress to a later stage of alcoholism, then it is important to come to an alcohol detox program to allow the body to calm down for a while to drink all the alcohol from the body’s tissues and bloodstream. For novice alcoholics, the detoxification period may be as little as four weeks, but this period may be longer, depending on the individual stage of alcoholism.

The positive effects of alcohol detoxification

    Reduce health risks

Excessive alcohol consumption for a long period often causes adverse health risks such as damage to the pancreas, cirrhosis of the liver, and cancer. Hence, alcohol detoxification allows the alcohol accumulated in these tissues and bloodstream to be eliminated while avoiding such health risks.

    Improved privacy

There are a number of personal problems caused by drinking too much over time. Family problems, which are at the top of the list due to violence and aggression, are significantly reduced by alcohol detoxification. Very often alcoholism causes problems in friends and in relationships, therefore it is necessary to eliminate it or reduce the level of content in the body. Financial problems are also part of the personal problems caused by alcoholism. The accumulation of debt and the lack of money for important family operations are soon eliminated by the alcohol detoxification program.

alcohol detox program

    Beat addiction

Allowing yourself free time to drink helps restore normal body function to better cope with addiction. This is one of the ways that alcoholic snacks should be consumed so that they do not become addicted over time.

Alcohol detoxification is usually done in a rehab clinic so that the patient can focus on a speedy recovery. The patient gets the time it takes to drain all alcohol into the body, as he will have free time from work and other daily stressful situations. The counseling presented here is also very important for any alcoholic, as it allows patients to become responsible drinkers if they need to drink.

Quitting drinking suddenly is quite risky, so you need to consult your doctor. Safe home detoxification should be done effectively while someone is trying to get rid of the alcohol content in the blood and other body tissues. A simple answer to the question, “How long does it take to detoxify alcohol?” it simply “depends on the stage of alcoholism”: more for the late stage alcoholism and less for the early stage.

Written by Jeffrey Hall