Acceleration of tanning for people with a dark and light complexion

For people who struggle with fair complexion on a daily basis, beta-carotene, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, and also stimulates melanin production, is a very good solution. A properly selected dose of beta-carotene reduces sensitivity to the sun and the risk of possible sunburn, and additionally effectively supports the tanning process, giving the skin a nice, melanotan 2 injection  bright, and radiant color. We should remember, however, that beta-carotene (e.g., tablet treatment) is best to start talking about 14 days before the planned trip so that it brings the expected results.

People with a dark complexion, wanting to tan quickly, can take advantage of the tanning accelerator, which also stimulates the manufacture of melanin in the skin, and following an hour after applying, it produces a golden-peach tan. However, it is definitely not a product for people with light and sensitive skin (phototype I), because it can cause a burning problem. We should also not use it with planned long-term solar exposure – the skin, which will not be protected throughout the day with appropriate UV filters, is completely defenseless against the harmful effects of the sun.

Sunbathing in pregnancy – can you sunbathe in pregnancy?


Sunbathing is a topic that raises a lot of controversies. Many future mothers planning melanotan 2 injections  their holidays are wondering if you can sunbathe during pregnancy and whether sunbathing in the first trimester of pregnancy can somehow harm your baby. Hours and intensive sunbathing without proper precautions is a thing that should be avoided not only by pregnant women but all vacationers. Tanning during pregnancy should, however, be under special supervision, because unreasonable use of the sun can be very harmful to the health of the child and mother. What, then, can threaten a pregnant woman while sunbathing ?! For this reason, pregnant women should not only avoid sunbathing but also bathing in hot water. It is worth noting that overheating of the body is possible not only during a stay on the beach but also when shopping or walking during a hot day. This does not mean, however, that pregnant women should completely limit contact with the sun – but they must ensure that they spend most of their time in the shade and cold, protect their body with the right cosmetics and drink large amounts of water to protect themselves, among others before the stroke.

Sunbathing during pregnancy can affect not only our health, but also our appearance. At this time, we are extremely vulnerable not only to cramps, overheating, burns and stroke, but also faster wrinkle formation and unsightly skin discoloration, which later getting rid of requires a lot of work and patience

Written by Jeffrey Hall