In an increasingly connected, more global, more immediate and more social world, companies – large and small – recognize the need for an integrated operation, visibility of their internal processes and a clearer and closer relationship with their customers. Employees and managers understand that the difference between seeing the results of the past month or being able to be “online” and in “real time” can become strategic advantages to grow in sales and customer satisfaction while controlling and decreasing their operating costs. Sometimes achieving its effectiveness when buying software. Click here for additive manufacturing software singapore.

Be clear about how much Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Do not be satisfiedby the value of the licenses (and the “fabulous” exceptional discount they are offering).  Understand the value of recurring amounts, such as support and maintenance,  which you will have to pay in the following years, the hardware and connectivity requirements required for the software you are evaluating to work, the cost of training for your employees to use and make the most of the solutions, the value of the consultancy required for the implementation and its associated costs (tickets, accommodation, food) etc. Visit this site for additive manufacturing software singapore.

Do not get carried away by the name and fame

Remember that we are in the second decade of the 21st century and that the digital revolution has allowed the proliferation of high value-added solutions at much cheaper prices than those of large manufacturers.


If we are not talking about basic technology infrastructure software

Make sure that the project is not a “systems project” and that the functional, financial and technological heads of the organization understand and actively participate in the process.

Written by Jeffrey Hall