Manicure is known as one of the best treatments for women, it gives relaxation and relieves stress. The accesorios manicura consist of a specific nail brush, nail cutter, trimmer, cuticle clipper, cuticle pusher, scissors, nail file, tweezers, cleaner, and hand shampoo. In some salons, nail art is also a part of the manicure.

Steps on How to Use Different Manicure Accessories

  1. The first thing to do is with the help of a clip or also known as the nail cutter. An individual should cut and give shape to the nails, it all depends on the person to the desired shape. There are two common shapes, the rounded nail shape and the second one is the square rounded edge. The best way is to explore both shapes to the nails once at a time and see the most comfortable one.
  2. Stock Away, it is one of the relaxing processes in manicure, an individual can perform with a bowl in their hands with warm water then add a bit and gentle cleanse. After that, soak with this cuticle before trimming it, but the best thing to do is to give the skin 3 minutes before this method.
  3. Apply callous/cuticle remover. When cutting away the thickened skin around the nail, applying a drop of cuticle remover will be a big relief. One of the all-time favorites is Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator. Despite the name, it’s great stuff, so don’t let it sit on the cuticle area for more than a few seconds.
  4. Eliminate excess cuticles and callouses around the nail. Using the cuticle pusher, smoothly push the cuticle back away from the nail, but don’t push it too far because it can destroy nail growth or fray the cuticle. Be careful not to pull, uplift, cut, rip, force, or form into the cuticle in any way. Do not trim into the cuticle; simply snap off the free edge with a pair of metal cuticle nippers. It’s better to under-do this step than to exceed it because the cuticle helps protect the nail bed from all kinds of problems.
  5. Massage a heavy cream or silky oil into the cuticles and all over the hands to hydrate and refresh skin. This will help the skin to become smooth.
  6. Paint Nails Layer, If an individual has soft or brittle nails, apply a base coat of ridge-filling nail polish to shore up the nail. A base coat also preserves nails from staining and stops cutting. Next, apply desired color polish in layers, letting each layer dry between coats. Two coats of color polish supported by coat to add gloss should do the trick.


Manicure accessories will help to achieve the best style and arts. Thus, people should be aware of how to use properly each manicure accessories to protect the skin and the nails. To have a clean and healthy nail has an important role in the different manicure accessories that can be found in the market. But, it is more interesting if an individual seeks help in maintaining their nails clean and healthy to those who are experts in the field. They can search online or look for a friend’s suggestions to the place where they can get the bests services for their nails to take care of.

Written by Jeffrey Hall