Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency the whole world is obsessed about. What is it? Why was it introduced in the first place? How did it come this far? These are the questions that quite often linger in mind.  Therefore we are here to answer all your queries and you the answers that you have been searching for.

Introduced in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto was the first who came up with the idea of Bitcoin in the market. But this world-famous cryptocurrency was never the same as it seems to be now. It was just a technological mystery for people hidden in the depths of the internet. Its quantity was unknown and people were not even sure how to utilize this world-changing digital currency.


Until Gavin Anderson came up with the idea of Bitcoin Faucet. What is Bitcoin Faucets? So faucets are particular websites that reward people with Bitcoins on the completion of certain simple activities or captcha. These activities are really simple and easy to follow ranging from signing up for newsletters or playing some predetermined games, or even just for watching ads. Who wouldn’t like to earn free Bitcoins without any need of investment? I am sure everyone would love to.

Did you know that one Satoshi is equivalent to one-hundred-millionth of a Bitcoin and it directly gets transferred in an individual’s wallet or micro-wallet on the completion of simple activities?

My advice is to let these Bitcoins accumulated until it reaches a substantial amount which can be later used to earn more Bitcoins. Isn’t that interesting? Then don’t waste your time anymore and start playing!

Written by Jeffrey Hall