Suppose you are following the lotto system for a very long time, and experiencing losing weeks that can be totally natural, or expected. Temptation will be to throw away this system and begin again with new template; however, before you cast aside the research, it is the good idea that you consider looking at lotto results.

Is Lotto System Based Over Sound Probability?

The lotto games generally involve the large element of chance and luck but a few outcomes are highly consistent and will be assumed. Suppose the system has got certain element of the statistical probability it can just be the matter of refining this system and doing further research. For an example, I am following prime lotto system that includes following parameters in every line of six balls.

  • Two primes
  • Equal spread of the odd & even numbers
  • Non prime odd number

Whereas these outcomes won’t appear each week, with time these results can average out, as the theory will be based on the probability. At present, prime system totals the possible 575,586 combinations thus there is a lot of scope to refine these parameters.

Using Losing Numbers to Generate the Additional System Parameters

We will look at losing line or see if there is any kind of consistencies with qualifying results. This way we may generate a few additional rules or reduce size of the combinations.

Here are some ideas for every line:

  • Two of even numbers in same decile
  • An occurrence of the consecutive numbers
Written by Jeffrey Hall